Vision & Mission

To take up multi-disciplinary scientific process involving geological, hydrogeological, geophysical and water quality data for deciphering micro level aquifer characteristics. This is due to paradigm shift in focus from development to management of ground water for equitable and sustainable management of the ground water resources at local scale.

To transfer the latest technology in the field of exploration, development and management of country’s ground water resource including rainwater harvesting and artificial recharge, to all the stake holders especially those involved in infrastructural development of the nation.
To help industrial houses and infra-structure companies in implementation of ground water policies, programmes and practices of the Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India to monitor and enable effective use of the country’s ground water resources in a sustainable manner with active involvement of all stakeholders.

To put into place scientific system and practices. This would result in sustained increase in ground water use efficiency.
To disseminate information, skills and knowledge to public at large. This would help in capacity building and mass awareness in ground water sector.
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