Consultancy Domains
Areas of Consultancy

The Company takes up regional as well as micro level ground water studies including design of rain water harvesting and water conservation for an infrastructure or industrial project as per the guidelines of the Central Ground Water Authority, Government of India for obtaining NOC for abstraction of ground water. The Company takes pride of place in providing top-notch consultancy in the domains of environmental impact assessment, ground water assessment and sustainability, water level behavior in an area, identifying the approach for regulated ground water abstraction suited for the area etc.
The consultancy services are provided in the following major spheres:
Hydrogeological Study for Ground Water Potential and Sustainability
Geophysical Resistivity Survey for sub-surface profiles and locating bore-well sites
Drilling of bore-wells and Scientific well design for successful bore- wells
Rain Water Harvesting and Artificial Recharge Structures
Piezometer designing for monitoring mechanism of water levels and chemical quality
Area Drainage Study for Infrastructures and Industries
NOC for Ground Water Abstraction
Water Pollution Studies and Chemical analysis of surface and ground water
Capacity Building and Mass Awareness Programs
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