About Us
SRISHTI AQUATECH is managed by Mr CP Srivastava, Ex-Regional Director, Central Ground Water Board, Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India. His vast experience spanning almost 3 decades in the field of Ground Water Investigation, Development, Management and Monitoring including rain water harvesting and artificial recharge to ground water. He has been instrumental in revision of Regulation and Management guidelines of the Central Ground Water Authority, Government of India for abstraction, regulation and management of ground water across the country.

Support Team:
The Company has in its fold many other experienced as well as dedicated bevy of officers in the streams of Hydrogeology, Engineering, Geophysics, Chemistry and Surveying with extensive expertise of handling all kinds of problems related to ground water across the country. The company has qualified staff at junior level to assist in preparation of maps, figures, type-setting, compilation and printing of scientific reports/documents.

The company is equipped with all the necessary instruments and machineries required for ground water investigation, geophysical surveys, rain water harvesting and artificial recharge to ground water besides, physical, chemical and bacteriological analysis of surface as well as ground water. The company has acquired the latest deep penetration, generator operated, micro-processor based, signal stacking, AC and DC Resistivity Meters which can investigate ground water conditions, probable strata and ground water quality down to 300 meters depth. The surface geophysical survey with this kind of instrument is also useful in pin-pointing sites for drilling of borewells. The equipments are digital with computer aided facilities for field data analysis.
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